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Maintenance case of injection molding machine Dajin servo driver motor pump
Publish:Shenzhen City Jia Hong Wei Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2023-01-16
Maintenance case of injection molding machine Dajin servo driver motor pump

Model: Daikin SUT00D12818

Fault cause: E16 alarm

Fault analysis: The customer gave an E16 alarm during normal use, according to the working principle of Daikin servo. The servo oil pump is driven by servo motor, and the servo oil pump to be tested is driven by AC servo motor. Servo motor belongs to the category of control motor. Its main function is to transmit and convert signals. For example, servo motor converts voltage signals into torque and speed. The main requirements for control motor are sensitive and accurate action, reliable operation, low power consumption, etc. According to the Dakin servo instructions, the cause of the fault code is overvoltage alarm, the static measurement module and the detection circuit components are normal, and the voltage detection circuit is found to be damaged by power-on detection. After replacement, the fault is still, and the power supply voltage is normal after power-on detection. According to the following circuit diagram A7840, no voltage change was detected in the TL084 amplification IC, and the fault was removed after replacement.

Jiahongwei can repair Japan Daikin servo driver without display, phase loss, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overheating, overload, grounding, parameter error, display without output, module damage, and fault code.

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Jiahongwei maintenance service hotline: 0755-28916839, 13640994287 Mr. Xiao
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