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Haitian haimike drive maintenance
Publish:Shenzhen City Jia Hong Wei Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2022-03-18
 Haitian haimike drive maintenance
JiaHongWei repairs Haitian haimike drive and servo motor of Haitian injection molding machine, repairs common faults such as shaft breaking, motor jamming, abnormal noise of motor, oil inlet, startup trip, etc., and repairs CPU main board, temperature control board, computer control display, L / O drive board, power source and driver of Haitian injection molding machine. JiaHongWei repairs modrol Monde server, and repairs common faults of server: alarm oh2 bre BD ber1 overcurrent, phase loss, overvoltage No display, undervoltage, overheating, overload, grounding, no output, parameter error, module explosion and other faults. Repair tnc620 system, hi800-a system, hi800-e system, hi800-m system, hi800-d system, hi800-s system, hi200-s system, etc. Please call the maintenance service hotline 0755-28916839, 13640994287. We have professional customer service personnel to respond to your needs quickly.
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