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Lenz touch screen repair
Publish:Shenzhen City Jia Hong Wei Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2023-03-04
Lenze Lenz touch screen repair

Jiahongwei repairs Lenze Lenz touch screen EL5800 EL2800 EL9800 EL2500 EL600 P300 P500 and other series of touch screen failures: key damage, power board failure, high-voltage board failure, LCD failure, main board failure, power-on black screen, mosaic screen, blue screen, white screen, unable to start normally, touch problem, key problem, content disorder, touch no reverse and other failures, Jiahongwei repairs Lenze Lenz p300, P500 series touch screen, c300 series motion controller 1000 series IO module, i700 series servo driver, MCA series asynchronous servo motor, etc., Jiahongwei repair Lenz LENZE servo motor: MCS series, MD series, MQA series, MCA series Lenz reducer: GST series, GFL series, GKR series, GKS series servo motor Jiahongwei repair SEW servo motor faults include: unable to start, weak start, running jitter, loss of excitation, overcurrent, overload, displacement, output imbalance, encoder alarm The encoder is damaged and the position is not correct. The alarm will be given as soon as the power is turned on. The magnet will be tripped as soon as the power is turned on. The steel will be stuck and the encoder will not move. The encoder will be worn. The motor will be hot and hot. The motor will run abnormally. Jiahongwei repairs the LENZE Lenz I700 single and double axis servo drive, LENZE Lenz servo drive I7009400930084008200 series, EVS9324-ek, EVS9324-ep, EVS9300es, EVS9321-es, EVS9323-EP and other series of drives. Common faults of the LENZE Lenz server repaired by Jiahongwei: no display, phase loss, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overheating, overload, grounding, parameter error, whether there is display or output, module damage, replacement of accessories, etc.

Jiahongwei maintenance service hotline: 0755-28916839, 13640994287 Mr. Xiao
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